Company Secretarial Services

Tribocon can provide an outsourced Company Secretarial service UK as follows:

Regardless of whether you choose to appoint a company secretary, there are still company secretarial duties to undertake. These include creating and maintaining the company's registers and making necessary filings at Companies House within prescribed deadlines. If you are a director of the company you are legally obliged to ensure that the company meets these obligations and there are severe penalties for non-compliance.
outsourced Company Secretarial service India How you meet these requirements will depend on your  knowledge of company secretarial matters, time and resource available, and the complexity of the company and its structure.
Many choose to entrust these important matters to the experts like “Tribocon Outsourcing”. Our company Secretary team   will provide a company secretarial service that suit your needs leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

What we'll do for you

outsourced Company Secretarial service India Outsourcing of company secretary work to “Tribocon Outsourcing”  will ensure all your basic statutory compliance requirements are met and our  fee structure provides clarity and certainty for any additional work. Typically our company secretarial service would include:

  • Preparing and holding the company's statutory registers electronically.
  • Preparing all necessary reminders and paperwork for the board to approve and the shareholders receive the accounts.
  • Reminding when the statutory accounts need to be prepared and filed, and filing the statutory accounts when supplied.
  • Each company is allocated a company administrator, who,  can also assist with work such as changing officers or issuing shares.
  • Compliance and company administration support, including annual accounts filing
  • Director training on the duties and responsibilities of directors
  • Ethics consulting
  • preparing and filing the company’s Annual Confirmation Statement (formerly the Annual Return)
  • sending reminders about statutory accounts filings due with Companies House and with HMRC.

outsourced Company Secretarial service IndiaWe also have significant capacity to deal with larger requests, for instance, we incorporated twenty four companies in one morning using bespoke articles of association for each company.  

If you would like to find out more , please contact us today.

Tribocon can provide an outsourced Company Secretarial service US as follows:

outsourced Company Secretarial service India

Tribocon provides a full range of USA compliance services designed to assist you in all aspects of forming and maintaining the regulatory status of your business. Tribocon has an experienced staff expert in all compliance matters.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Tribocon can provide the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies' assistance
  • Maintenance of annual minutes and registers
  • Changes to directors and officers
  • Preparing and filing annual return
  • Advising on year end procedures.
  • Inactive company filings including accounts and tax returns
  •  Drafting of Minutes of Board and Shareholders Meetings.
  • Finance, Accounts and Taxation jobs on business process outsourcing (BPO) model.


Tribocon outsourced Company Secretarial service Australia

Tribocon Outsourcing provides a full-scale company secretarial service to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and other relevant legislation. Our team of professionals has the governance knowledge and experience that enables our clients to proactively and efficiently meet their obligations.
outsourced Company Secretarial service India Tribocon Outsourcing company secretarial team provides services to a variety of clients accounting firm, including Australian companies and foreign companies with Australian subsidiaries, seeking a cost effective solution to manage their governance, compliance and disclosure obligations.
Tribocon Outsourcing  have provided corporate secretarial services at lower cost with greater efficiency.

Our corporate secretarial services include :

  • Incorporation of companies and deregistration of old companies
  • Registration of business names
  • Registration for ABN, TFN, GST
  • ASIC and ASX compliance management
  • Managing/ Keeping record of meetings of directors and members
  • Updating and maintaining minute books
  • Drafting circular resolutions, subsidiary minutes.
  • Assisting with reporting requirements
  • Drafting corporate governance materials (including policies and charters)
  • Preparation of notices and minutes for meetings of directors and members;
  • Preparation and electronic lodgement of ASIC forms;
  • Registration (incorporation) of new companies;
  • Business names registration, maintenance and cessation in all Australian jurisdictions;

Should you wish to discuss our ability to meet your secretarial obligations, please contact us today..

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