Individual/Self-Assesment Income Tax Returns Services

Self Assessment Tax UK
Returns The UK has one of the largest tax codes in the world, so preparing even the most straightforward tax return can be complicated. There are various deadlines and responsibilities for taxpayers to be aware of.

Do I need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return?

Income Tax is generally taken from your wages or pension income before it reaches you. But some income isn't taxed at source, like self employed earnings or profits from selling shares or property.
Self Assessment is how HMRC collects tax from people and businesses with these types of income.
There are others - like Company Directors or High Earners claiming Child Benefit - who also need to complete a Self Assessment Return
>Tribocon Outsourcing  assist accounting firms, to handle large volume of Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) filling with a quick turnaround time. Outsourcing SATR enables you to take up large volume of filling, increase your client base and client experience seamlessly.
If you are liable to pay taxes on profits received outside a Pay-as-you-Earn scheme you are required to submit a SATR form to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You are required to fill it in, after the end of the tax year (5 April).

>The UK tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April. You need to submit a tax Return if, in the last tax year:

  • You were Self employed and earned more than £1,000.
  • You were a Company Director unless it was for a non-profit (like a charity) and you didn't receive any pay or benefits.
  • Your total taxable income was over £100,000
  • You earned over £2,500 in untaxed income for example from renting out property, or from tips or commissions.
  • Your earned more than £10,000 before tax from savings, investments or dividends from shares or if your income from dividends from shares was over your dividend allowance.
  • You made a profit from selling chargeable assets such as shares or a second home, and you need to pay capital gain tax.
  • You or your Partner claimed  child benefit and one (or both) of you earned over £50,000.
  • Your state pension was more than your Personal Allowance and was your only source of income - unless you started getting your pension on or after 6 April 2016.
  • You had income from abroad that you need to pay tax on
  • You lived abroad and received income from the UK
  • You didn't pay enough tax last year and HMRC sent you a P800 notice.
  • You were a trustee of a trust or registered pension scheme

You also need to send a tax return if you:

  • Need to prove you’re Self Employed, for example to claim Tax-Free Childcare
  • Are a religious minister or Lloyds underwriter
  • Want to make voluntary Class 2 National Insurance payments to help you qualify for benefits


Benefits of Outsourcing tax return work
Avoid Penalties
Tax return preparation and filing are government related tasks, and thus, one has to comply with the HMRC policies. The rules and regulations regarding tax filing and preparation are regularly updated, and thus, Organization should keep a track of all the changes made to these policies to ensure that you don’t make any mistake while filing or preparing taxes. Any mistake may become costly because you might have to pay the penalty for it. Outsourcing these tasks ensure that the tax related tasks are carried out by tax preparation experts who stay updated and adapt to all the changes made to the policies.
Cost effective
Cost savings is the main advantage. By going the outsourcing route, you don’t  have to pay the usual benefits, insurance, and other overhead expenses associated with in-house staff members. "It's like employee leasing on a smaller level.
Secondly, the time required to spend on tax preparation can be used for other imperative tasks after outsourcing
Grow your Practice
Tax return preparation is one of the time taking tasks, and every year considerable working hours are spent in preparing taxes and ensuring their accuracy. Taxation outsourcing services allow the employees to focus on getting new business.

India’s Outsourcing friendly policies

Outsourcing business is one the main sources of foreign income for India economy. And hence India’s outsourcing policies are flexible encouraging overseas agencies outsource their business to India in a hassle-free manner.
Productivity & Better Customer Support
Outsourcing increases productivity and customer support. Both of these factors are indispensable to efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction which also results in recurring business.
Round the clock customer support, in-spite of time zone differences.
Time saving
Professional outsourcing service providers can help organization look at made to order reports that can save a lot of time while taking vital financial decisions. Taxing can be fairly tiresome and an ongoing procedure consuming a lot of attempt and time in terms of keeping trail of the new updates. A skilled tax filing outsourcing organization can avoid such situation.
Improved operational excellence
A chunk of your work gets managed by someone else. That’s great because then you can shorten your processes and make them smoother.
Staff shortage no more
Don’t have people to take care of your overflow work? It is OKAY! You can always outsource jobs and always have buffer staff at your disposal.
You might not have access to quality staff in your office and handling the recruiting task can be even more difficult. Instead of getting into such hassles, outsourcing these tasks is more convenient and conducive to the business.
Enhanced Data Security
Confidentiality of your tax data is quite important, and when you outsource, you can be sure that your clients’ data will be kept private and secure. It won’t be passed onto anyone, as the outsourcing contracts are secured by NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). Tribocon outsourcing  using secure servers to store information, so you would always have a backup of the data.
Access to Latest Technologies
The market is rapidly changing with new and innovative tax tools and technologies. Most of tools and technologies are developed in India and by outsourcing here, you can get access to these updated and latest tax and other financial tools and technologies.


The process of our work :

  • We calculate clients' tax liability
  • We complete the tax return
  • We file the return online
  • Advise the client about the amount to be paid with due dates

Tax Preparation Services US

Our professional staff, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise, can assist you with any and all of your tax issues. With many years of experience behind us, our qualified team  of  professionals is at your service. So come, let us help you with your personal  and/or gift taxes.

We work to minimize your tax liabilities and to help you successfully navigate through complicated federal and state tax laws, regulations and issues.

Expertise. Peace of mind. These are the things that you can expect your tax advisor to provide. We view our relationship with each of our clients as an ongoing partnership and strive to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice. We keep abreast of current tax laws throughout the year to minimize your  efforts and  to maximize your future revenue and staff can accommodate your needs for tax planning and preparation.


  • Tax Return Coordination and Preparation
  • Forms and necessary statements include:
  • 1040 - Individual (All 50 states)
    ***Schedule C - Self Employed
  • 1041 - Estate or Fiduciary
  • 709 - Gift Tax 
  • Partners' Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. (Schedule K-1 - Form 1065)
  • Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income of Foreign Persons (Form 1042) and Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding (Form 1042-S)
  • Foreign Partner's Information Statement of Section 1446 Withholding Tax (Form 8805)
  • State income tax withholding calculations and required forms for compliance 
  • Forms 1099
  • Provide technical tax support 
  • Provide tax audit paper preparation support.


Tax Consulting

  • Answer tax-related investor inquiries
  • Coordinate Forms W-8 and W-9 compliance .
  • Maintain individual partners' 704(b) and tax capital accounts

Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. According to a study released by the US Government's General Accounting Office last year, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.

Whether we like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program there's no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.
​Here's what you get...

  • Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our computer software identifying potential problems the IRS may look at more closely and reviewing the math to limit IRS contacts.
  • Your tax return can be filed electronically so you will get a refund back quicker.
  • We will show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year. In addition, we will give you a sheet of commonly overlooked deductions to limit the following year's tax liability.


Tribocon can also help to do the bookkeeping for small businesses and personal tax return

If you own a small business and haven't kept up your bookkeeping, don't worry. We can help you. We'll prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we'll help you set up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year



We're here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and of course, extremely discrete. The IRS problems will not just go away by themselves; they just keep getting worse with penalties and interest being added each day.

If you owe the IRS, you have a very serious problem. It may take the IRS several years to catch up to you, but they're relentless and have no mercy in collecting all the money that is owed..

IRS AUDIT Paper preparation Assistance

Audits take significant time away from your business and family, requiring you to gather mounds of records substantiating each and every item reported on your tax return and develop a comprehensive understanding of tax law.

The IRS leaves no stone unturned in its mission to determine the accuracy of your tax return. If you don't comply with the Auditors' wishes, the IRS will recalculate your tax and send you home with a hefty tax bill as your parting gift.
Many taxpayers decide to handle a tax audit themselves, and discover they may have been "penny wise," avoiding a representative's fee, but "pound foolish," because they received a substantial bill for a significant tax deficiency.
You see, IRS Auditors are trained to extract more information from you than you have a legal obligation to provide. IRS Auditors know that most people fear them and are ignorant of their rights. As a result, they know they can use that fear and ignorance to their advantage.

Tribocon can assist you in the audit paper file preparation .

Tribocon has the expertise to provide you with the services that you need.  Dedicated to keeping our tax preparation skills honed with continuing  learning about new rules  throughout the year, we are highly qualified to prepare tax returns for all fifty states.
Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Whatever your circumstances may be, Tribocon can help to prepare the tax returns for you..

We specialize in preparing your taxes quickly and painlessly, and will ensure you receive all the deductions you are entitled to. We are always available to help you with your tax planning needs to help you lower your taxes and avoid surprises during the tax season. And in order to speed your refund, we can file your return electronically to the IRS and state tax boards.
Tribocon Outsourcing provides a wide range of services to individuals. At Tribocon Outsourcing  we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

The process of our work :

  • We calculate clients' tax liability
  • We complete the tax return
  • We file the return online
  • Advise the client about the amount to be paid with due dates

Tax compliance and reporting regulations are becoming more time intensive, more complex and more of a burden to many individuals. Whether you are an individual, Sole Trader or multinational company’s employee , you are affected by evolving tax legislation and reporting compliance which can place a significant drain on resources and impact your  performance if it is not managed effectively.
With over many years of service, our accountants have a wealth of experience in all areas of Australian personal taxation and understand that different clients, have different compliance needs.
We pride ourselves on our ability to manage each client’s needs with  efficiently, offering a dedicated, high quality service, in a timely manner.
we offer personalised services and solutions in relation to your taxation requirements. Given the increasing complexities of Australia’s ever-changing taxation laws and changes in your personal circumstances, it is essential to ensure that you have superior financial assistance from our professional  accounting team to best meet your taxation obligations.
we all know filing taxes is about as much fun as paying it!
We complete and lodge tax returns for individuals, sole traders and employees. We find the simplest, most efficient solution for your complex personal or business circumstances, improving overall financial administration efficiency and freeing up your valuable time instead of trawling through piles of paper at tax time.

If you are a new or more established firm seeking knowledge on how to reduce tax payments and increase financial security, our experienced accountants can help.

How can we help?
At  Tribocon, we make your compliance our top priority by providing the following services. However it is our specialist taxation solutions that sets us apart from our competitors. We are committed to supporting you with effective tax strategies, so that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and meeting your financial and business objectives.
Our accountants are skilled to provide assistance and advice on the following:

  • Tax planning and structuring
  • Tax compliance

we can offer you fast and reliable solutions as well as comprehensive services for non-resident taxpayers and new residents as well.

Our clients extend across a diverse range of industries, so we are well equipped to provide advice  and manage the following areas:
In Individual Tax we deal with taxation issues relating to:

  • Preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns
  • Income tax return and review
  • Workers Compensation declarations
  • Marginal tax rates applicable to individuals
  • The Medicare levy
  • Capital gains tax
  • Special tax offsets for aged persons
  • Tax residency and foreign income rules
  • Salary packaging; 
  •  Taxation implications from shares and options from employee share schemes; 
  • Tax effective structuring; 
  • Private company loans; 
  • Taxation residency issues; 
  • Taxation issues in relocating to or from Australia; 
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Superannuation
  • International tax
  • Sole Trader (ABN) tax returns


 An evolving tax market, as an individual or business owner, you can expect tax legislation to change frequently, impacting on your compliance requirements.
At Tribocon, we make it a priority to keep abreast of the latest changes through internal training to ensure that our clients receive quality advice in a timely manner.
Our experienced taxation team at Tribocon is skilled in handle all individual taxes compliance  efficiently.
A key focus of this service is to save our clients both considerable time and money. Our team take the time to review each of our client's particular circumstances and ensure the optimal outcome is achieved.
We know you want to keep more of the wealth you create. Therefore, we will work with you, and within the parameters set by the ATO, to try and achieve this
At Tribocon we keep up to date with reforms and changes to legislation to ensure we can best serve you. We strive to keep you informed through regular updates in our newsletters on any changes to compliance requirements and technology which may impact you and your business.
The team at Tribocon has the skills to provide you the best tax planning advice and ensure accurate and on time lodgements for all your compliance needs.


The process of our work :

  • We calculate clients' tax liability
  • We complete the tax return
  • We file the return online
  • Advise the client about the amount to be paid with due dates