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Bookkeeping involves the recording of financial transactions and other information related to the business on a day-to-day basis. It is essentially a recordkeeping function done to assist in the process of accounting. Bookkeeping is the Key Component in preparing the financial statements at the year end.


Things are included into the bookkeeping

Bank reconciliation

A bank reconciliation  is reconciling the cash balance on a company’s balance sheet to the corresponding amount on its bank statement. Reconciling the two accounts helps determine if accounting changes are needed. Bank reconciliations are completed at regular intervals to ensure that the company’s cash records are correct. They also help detect fraud and any cash manipulations.

Suppliers reconciliation

A supplier reconciliation or vendor  reconciliation involves reconciling an individual supplier balance in the accounts payable ledger with a statement/documents  submitted by a supplier.
Supplier statements are an important accounting source document regularly issued to the business by a supplier of goods or services. The statements contain details of all invoices, credit notes, discounts and payments made on a supplier account according to the supplier. By reconciling the statement to the supplier’s account in the accounts payable ledger any discrepancies or errors are revealed.

Customers Reconciliation

When you sell goods or services to customers on credit, the amounts they owe your business make up the accounts receivable balance in the general ledger. Their individual balances are found in the subsidiary sales ledger and listed in the aged accounts receivable report. Reconciling accounts receivable means that the total of the individual amounts due from debtors equals the balance of the accounts receivable account in the general ledger.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance is a list of closing balances of ledger accounts on a certain date and is the first step towards the preparation of financial statements. It is usually prepared at the end of an accounting period to assist in the drafting of financial statements. Ledger balances are segregated into debit balances and credit balances. Asset and expense accounts appear on the debit side of the trial balance, whereas liabilities, capital and income accounts appear on the credit side. If all accounting entries are recorded correctly and all the ledger balances are accurately extracted, the total of all debit balances appearing in the trial balance must equal to the sum of all credit balances.

The most important aspect of bookkeeping is to keep an accurate account of all records and keep them up to date. Accuracy is the most vital part of the bookkeeping process. Bookkeeping does not actually requires the inhouse resources to manage it, rather  external experienced  Bookkeepers can do it , which can save your professional resources to use their skills somewhere else.

At Tribocon Outsourcing we have the trained and experienced  teams for performing the bookkeeping function of any volume, including any business nature with efficiently and at low cost. Our teams are well trained to do the bookkeeping task on any mode of software like cloud or desktop based.

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping task to Tribocon Outsourcing :-

  • More time.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping operations frees up valuable time that can be put into bettering the company.  Backend office functions can be a heavy distraction from the day-to-day running of things. 
  • Saving  of money.

The bottom line is that by outsourcing your bookkeeping you'll save a lot of money on paying full-time or part-time wages and benefits to a bookkeeper or Accountant. Further, you also save on lost productivity costs that come along with having to continually hire new people and put them on your payroll. Outsource bookkeeping and only pay as you go, for what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

  Allows you to introduce some new services to your customers.

If you had always wanted to introduce some new services to your customers but could never take the initiative because of lack of time and expertise available, hiring outsourced services can really help you change that. You can introduce new services to your customers, which is just like adding new sources of revenue and making the best use of your in-house and outsourced capabilities and expertise.

Access to the Latest Technology

To ensure that they’re always at the forefront of technology, providers pride themselves in developing their accounting systems and techniques. With the right outsourcing provider, you’re not only getting trained staff to handle the job, you also get access to leading accounting software.
Lessen the risk of suddenly losing your employees.
If you have been running your business long enough, you may have found yourself in a situation where your staff had left suddenly. Most small and medium businesses cannot afford to have a buffer staff in case of such incidents. Luckily, when you hire accounting or bookkeeping services, you don’t have to worry about such situations, as their business nature requires them to have an expert, qualified and experienced team that is reliable and ready with an effective backup. These teams check and then double-check each other’s work before forwarding it to you, which makes certain that you continue to get the same standard quality of work.

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