Ways of working

Way of working

1. Work understanding

Tribocon concerned team and overseas Accounting firms first discussed about the work process including the following
What nature of work they will outsource and volume of it
Resources are required to complete that work like staff, technology, infrastructure etc.
Turn around time for the work

2. Implement resources required
After the initial discussion with the Overseas Accounting firms regarding the work operation, implement the resources required to complete the assigned job(s), including the following
Dedicate the right people
Give training to them wherever required
Implement the appropriate/ correct technology
It ensures that the work can be done with excluding the errors/ omission.

3. Operations Commencement
Work start as per the agreed upon procedure with the Accountant(S) with keep the following in mind:-
Continuously monitor the work of assigned teams for improvements, wherever required
communicate with the accountants wherever required
Compile/Complete the assigned work within the deadlines with no compromise of quality

4. Quality assurance
Once the work is completed, it is handed over to the "Quality Assurance" team at Tribocon for assuring that the work adhered to the quality norms followed by Tribocon

5. Submission of work to respective Accountant(s)
Quality assurance team stamped about the quality of work and then submit the work to the Overseas Accountant(s) as per the earlier agreed method of data/reports transfer

6. Vouch
The sharing of data/reports/files would be through secured transmission lines by adhering to the privacy norms.

For the data exchange/delivery, we are used the following technologies

Remote Desktop
You are working on desktop-based softwares, you can create an "Remote Desktop" login for us.

Cloud Accounting/Taxation Software
If you are using the cloud version of softwares like Xero/ Quickbooks/ Taxfiler/ IRIS open space/ Kashflow then you just need to create a one more login id for our office, so that our accountants can work on the assigned jobs

Secured VPN| GoToMyPc | LogMeIn:
You can create login on secured VPN like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn so that our professionals could access your system to work on assigned task/job(s)